To Be.

CORE-RELATE!It will come.

The day will come when everything will be just perfect, when I couldn't ask for anything more and just be in abundance.

The day will come when my 'problem' will be how to give away all the blessings that I have, and whom to bestow them upon.

I am privileged to be gifted with the gift of faith. I have it in my heart to give away, however hard it is to grasp for most people.

I am here to uplift, encourage, and sow seeds of happiness in others; make them feel good about themselves and see what they can be thankful for.

I am here to share the wisdom that is to be seen in loving others unconditionally, even the unlovable.

I am here to just follow God's will by being attuned to it daily through prayer and Bible-reading.

I am here... to be the BEST person that He has designed me to be; to excel in whatever tasks He gives me, no matter how menial or unnecessary it would seem for some, including myself.

I am here to 'be' and to be thankful for everything and be happy... because God made me and has given me the power, the liberty to be just...me. So I choose...to just be.

"To be or not to be: that is the question." --Shakespeare

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