MY TWO CENTS from the Encounter 2 Singles' Retreat:

A last note syndrome and a tagline not to be forgotten:

"From no fruit to bearing fruit; from more fruit to much fruit..."

"I cannot words!!!"

There is just too much joy in my heart yet there are tears being shed. I am so overwhelmed and recharged yet it looks like I've been losing sleep and weight (when the scale says otherwise). A paradox the reason of which only God knows.

Everyday just keeps getting better and better and better for me and I just find myself growing and growing and growing. Answered prayers, transformed lives, renewed faith and humbled hearts are fruits that cannot be 'easily' seen by the naked eye yet I feel privileged to have 'seen' all of them in this weekend's Secrets of the Vine retreat at Hotel Dominique in Tagaytay. It's just amazing to be able to validate the existence of something that I've doubted to be real and it's simply awesome to have my doubts erased, my concerns clarified and my questions answered.

God's BEST for me is just around the corner and though I am not purposefully looking and asking God for him at this point, I know that in God's perfect time, He will reveal him to me. For now, I must say that as I am still being molded into the lady that God wants me to be for His glory, so is He molding that special man for me. That man who is not afraid nor ashamed to tell people that I am only his number 2 because his number One is God. That man who will treat me like a queen, who will respect me and trust me enough to be independent to some extent and will be magnanimous enough to teach me and help equip me to be of full and good use wherever God wants me to be. That man... who will be my adventure partner for life, 'til death and beyond it... if God so wills it.

The four levels of fruit-bearing made me look deeper into my heart. Initially, I thought I had no fruits yet. But when I digged further, I've discovered I've already come a long way from the person that I was last year. My basket already has some tiny yet plump fruits in the form of... well, that's just between God in me... and I am not afraid to fill the basket little by little each day by being more sensitive to other peoples' needs and being mindful of ways where I can use my gifts to bring glory only to the Vinedresser. Easier said than done but by faith, I know, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Borrowing "I cannot words," from what Pastor JP has shared in humorous fashion, I guess I could come up with pages upon pages of the insights I've gained about disciplining, praying, growing and bearing fruit but those will not be enough to cover what for God wants from me and all of His children: willingness, availability and obedience. Kudos to my D-group leader for being such a great 'salesman' for God's vineyard, I endeavor to be fully transformed from leaf-ing to grape-ing from this day forward!

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