If It's Meant to Be, It Will Be.

CORE-RELATE! Have you ever smiled that kind of smile that just won't go away to the point that you find yourself smiling even until you sleep? You're alone and you find yourself smiling then you realize how ridiculous you must look to strangers so you stifle that smile but somehow, it's just there and it seems that no amount of negativity will take it off.

For the nth time, I've experienced how sweet God's love - and sense of humor - is. He never fails to make me smile not just my regular smile, but that kind of lingering smile that doesn't make the corners of my mouth tired. It's a smile that comes from the recesses of a heart that's bursting at the seams with joy. It's not like the Mona Lisa smile nor the Sphinx smile. I think it's quite like a smile that would make the person seeing me rhetorically say "You're in love, aren't you?"

Well, yes, actually. I am in love with the Author of Love, the Lover of my soul, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He who is writing my love story, and He who has actually enabled me to blog as I am doing right now.

About an hour and a half ago, I was inside the Robinson's Galleria mall for just an ordinary "pass-by" on my way to work. I went to The Body Shop store to submit petition forms and on my way back, I passed by the Bactidol booth where an actor was putting on his angel costume. For someone like me who's familiar with theatre and acting, that was just an ordinary scene.

When I was already out of the mall building, however, I felt hungry (and realized I haven't eaten anything since 3am) so I decided to go to the food court and eat my favorite Pao Tsin dumplings w/ hainanese rice. With a lot of time left in my hands, I stayed where I were and started browsing through my 40 Days of Love workbook. From somewhere came drum rolls and right in front of me popped someone in an all-white ensemble with a pair of wings, and he introduced himself as Cupid.

Cupid was about to hand me some cutesy heart-shaped chocolates when his voice got in the way. All of a sudden, another character, Sore Throat, came and clutched Cupid so he couldn't say what he wanted to say. Cupid battled out with Sore Throat until, for goodness' sake, Mr. Bactidol came to Cupid's rescue: "Don't let sore throat ruin your Valentine," he said. (Too bad I was so amused watching all the live action that I forgot I had a camera phone.)

With the battle over, Cupid went back to accomplish his mission. With one knee bent, Cupid offered me his chocolates once again. With two palms open, I accepted the goodies and he greeted me with "Happy Valentine's Day." Then off Cupid went to spread the season's love tidings (and promote Bactidol).

"I'll blog about this," I thought afterwards, as I thanked God for this very timely and valuable object lesson: 
If it's meant to be, it will be.
Let's rewind. I already passed by the Bactidol booth and saw the actor put on the wings costume but it was, to me, an ordinary scene. So off I went to where I was supposed to go. But I became hungry so I went back inside the building. With a limited budget, I wanted value for my hunger. God directed me to Pao Tsin at the food court and He led me to a nice eating area. Would I have known Cupid will "find" me there?

with marge and marie
with marie and charie
Since I wanted to blog about the valuable object lesson on waiting, I deemed it best if I had a picture with Cupid for posterity's sake. The Cupid actor was kinda cute but not my type but I nonetheless went back the Bactidol booth for a photo-op. On my way, I was 'intercepted' by a lady named Marge who is an advocate of WWF-Philippines. I essayed with her how I met a friend, MayMay, who's also a full-time WWF staff. Margie noticed the chocolates in my left hand so I went on to share the Bactidol experience I had. She called the other WWF advocate, Marie, whom she said shares the same conviction I have about waiting. The other WWFer, Charie then joined in and we had a sort of impromptu 'love talk.' Then, off I went to "go after" Cupid. 

When I got to the booth, however, Cupid has already taken off his costume and was back to being Paolo Ramirez, stage actor. Ladies, if you're 'partial' to the mestizo types, well, sorry Paolo's already taken. I had the blessed privilege of meeting the real-life Mrs. Cupid and their two year-old princess. I shared with them the context of my  blog and they gave me 'permission' to have a picture with Paolo and post it here.

As an 'unofficial' advocate of sexual purity (true love waits!), I personally believe that I am not to "look for" or "go after" the 'right person,' but instead praypare and let God help me BE the right person. When the time is right, the right person will find me just where I am. I just have to relax, trust God that He knows exactly what He is doing and obey His instructions even when they will, at times, won't make much sense.

For the past three years, I've been praying about God's will for me in my so-called love life. As I've made a commitment to love as Jesus loves, I am also committed to obey Him and wait for His perfect timing. Waiting is not easy and my encouragement for anyone who might feel "lonely" this season of romantic love, is this: "We were made for relationships." God has authored Love in such a way that until we find ourselves in an intimate relationship with Him, that we are sufficient in Him through Jesus Christ, we will keep on looking for love in the wrong places and being in the 'wrong' kinds of relationships. Imagine: We love because He first loved us and He came for us so that we can have life to the full (1 John 4:19; John 10:10).  Understanding God's love is not as complicated as it may seem, actually - it just requires the unquestioning, trusting faith like that of a child's.

As God's treasure is in people, I know that He meant for me to meet such wonderful people for His good purpose. The cutesy heart-shaped chocolates were just an added bonus. I'm sure - without a shadow of doubt - that He has something much, much more up in His sleeve; that "the vision is for an appointed time; thought it tarries, wait for it."

'Til then, I'll just keep busy being me, abiding in Jesus, while waiting. May He find me faithful.

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