CORE-RELATE! I’m back! The picture’s still surreal at this point but I know that as time progresses, as the picture develops more fully, everything is going to turn out fine – real fine.

I’ve known what it “was” to be in love but I have learned how to truly be in love only at that point when my heart was badly beaten, bruised and broken. It was through my broken heart that I was made whole again. It was during my unloved, uncared for, ‘uncoupled’ state that I got to know a Lover whose love for me cannot be matched by any human being alive – not even by my own mother who bore me for nine months in her womb.

And so now, for the past 7 years, I am His. I know He gave His life for me so I can live my life to the full and I do not doubt that when He promised He'll never leave me nor forsake me, He meant to fulfill it --  no matter what the cost. I believe He has planned everything for me, way before I even knew Him intimately and I am just grateful every passing day. He loves me and He doesn’t have to do anything more than what He has already done to prove that love.

My heart, my soul, my mind, my strength – all these I owe Him and I cannot imagine living my life without Him in the picture. I cannot imagine running my marathons without Him in my each and every stride. And last April 9th, I was just amazed at how He ran with me, with "us."

It was my first evening running event with a guy i fondly refer to as my bff (thanks to my mom) but who - in "layman's terms" - is actually my boyfriend. We celebrated our 2nd "monthsary" with a brunch at Burgoo this morning. We share the same interests in healthy eating, blogging and running, but more importantly, we share the same Lover. This may sound ‘awkward,’ but I’ve learned to believe that any successful relationship has to be a threesome for it to work out. If there are only 2 parties involved, it’s more difficult to make it work – I’ve been there, done that.

To finish a race alone is one thing; to finish it with close friends is another; and to finish a race with someone you hold dear is yet another picture altogether.

We arrived late for the 10K gunstart at the Takbo.ph Nightest in Filinvest, Alabang. We put on our running gears at the parking lot and sans warm-up, we managed to catch up with the middle pack of the 5K runners. It was the first time I ever got late for a running event since I started running in 2006. (Another first in my love affair with running was a No-Show for the Adidas KOTR last year - but that’s a different story).

I never imagined I’d be loving the guy I ran with in my first evening running event the way I love him now and I’m convinced that God is progressively changing my heart for this guy. The twists and turns in every chapter are becoming much more exciting compared to when - in my past - I tried to write it on my own. In God’s love story for me, I am totally free to be just who I am - how He made me and wired me - and I don’t have to worry about how I look. I am free to choose and that’s the best part: I am not left without options.

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