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God has a plan, a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful plan and part of that plan, could be something like a comedy where a princess of paupers and a prince who is heir apparent to a vast kingdom will become friends. Friends muna. I don't want to jump the gun, kayo talaga.

Oh well, anyway. Do you believe that God has a sense of humor? I do. I was in a huge traffic a couple of nights ago and the bumper sticker on the car in front of the jeepney I was in read: LORD, GIVE ME PATIENCE RIGHT NOW. Whadayaknow, I just can't help but smile -- and be patient -- the rest of my trip to work!

Then, yesterday, Sunday, I wanted to attend the 12nn worship session but when I woke up around 10:30am, my eyes couldn't open. I adjusted the alarm to 4:30pm so I can attend the 6pm slot.

I usually wear either pants or my uniform to the 6pm service because I go straight to work in the graveyard shift (10pm-6am). For some unknown reason, I didn't feel like wearing pants nor my uniform to church last night. Since last May 2007 when I started regular church attendance, I have never ever worn a dress to church. Mm-hmm.

God must be really up to something so He made the feeling-pretty-in-dress me use the elevator instead of the escalator. To my surprise, while I was traipsing my way to the worship hall, I saw Shrek handing out newsletters at the landing floor of the e-s-c-a-l-a-t-o-r!! Did he see me? Probably not but the romantic, daydreamy me would like to believe that he did. Yeah, wishful thinking but hey, I think it's pretty cool to do that once in a while.

A big 'What if?' formed inside my thought bubble... "What if I used the escalator?!" The picture would've turned into slow-mo... Shrek handing out the newsletter; silly, dorky me reaching for it... and... and tripping on the last step!! Ngek! Then he'd catch me in those triathletic arms and the first and last conversation we'll ever had would be composed of... "Oops..." "Gotcha!" "Sorry..." and "Thank you." Hilarious -- and downright embarrassing.

Will somebody please hand me smileys around here? I feel like a smile has been plastered on my face the whole night and even while I'm tinkering with the keyboard, geewhiz, I have this ridiculous grin on that says "ROTFL." You think I am in love? If I didn't know any better, I'd say I am!

Seriously... God answers prayers, this I believe in all my heart. I don't care about the past. TODAY is all that matters. I am a child of God and my future is in His hands. I know that He has laid-out the BEST for me tomorrow and in the days to come. If it is His will, He will send Shrek towards me, in His time, in His way. If not, well, I'd still thank God that He has made me see that there is at least one person who fits my 'list.'

I need a stretcher down here. I think I'm going to have a heart attack!

If I didn't know any better, I'd say I am in love. Have I just said that? Really. How can you love someone you barely know? Romantic love won't apply and the type of love there is to share is the kind of love that Jesus wants us to share with everyone: pure, unselfish and sacrificial love. With this I am reminded to think of Shrek as a brother -- ok, older brother -- and respect the fact that he is being prepared by God for someone. That someone may or may not be me so I shouldn't dwell so much on him. I should, instead, "fix my eyes on JESUS, the author and perfecter of my faith..." (Hebrews 12:2)


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