CORE-RELATE! Am I a writer? I'd like to think that I am. Am I an art connoisseur? Well, I appreciate art and see (where others sometimes don't) the relationship of details to a certain whole, I love abstracts and I would love to think that art is my passion -- in all its splendour and majestic visual appeal.

There are no accidents in this world and I do not think that my "stumbling" upon the "FORCES of FORM" Art Exhibit this afternoon was a purposeless visit.

It is really such a wonder how individual creations can come together to form a complete whole: one pile of artworks sculptured by different artists as if they were meant to be put together in one place, at one specific period of time. Indirectly or not, I believe, they have all been carefully handcrafted to bring glory only to the Ultimate Sculptor Himself.

The "FORCES of FORM" exhibit opens with Ramon Orlina's "O, Bukidnon" brass sculpture collection which pays tribute to the Philippine island-province of Bukidnon, and closes - for me - with the highly notable "Eshu" in gold cast marble and volcanic cinder, masterfully crafted by Agnes Arellano. "Eshu" is the very piece that prompted me to rummage through my bag for a piece of paper and go back to take note of the other artworks that caught my eye like Gene Katigbak's "Pas De Deux" that depicts the interwining lives of males and females. There's also Michael Cancio's "Gumon at Gutom" in brass, contrasting abundance and emptiness on a bench. I was amazed by entry numbers 50, 51 and 52, Ral Arrogante's copper and brass sculptures dubbed "Chow Time," "Big Time" and "Small Time," respectively.

Puzzling yet remarkable to me was a wood sculpture, "Flight," by Inday Cadapan. It made me think of a headless chicken trying to fly. There's also "Perfection" by Pablo Mahinay, a wood sculpture of an egg-shaped something with cracks and dents on it -- somewhat sending the message that we need to have cracks in our lives to know and appreciate what perfection is all about.

I am writing this at the back of my Sunday school's coloring material, "The Bible Tells Us to Obey." It wasn't exactly a divine calling that prompted me to write, or God's voice telling me to write about such artworks. But I know in my heart that the skill - the gift - that makes me think of myself as a writer, is the very skill that prompted me to just express myself.

So... do I have what it takes to be a writer or art connoisseur? Feel free to tell me.

"FORCES of FORM" runs until the 7th of October, 2007 at the 4th level of SM Megamall Building A in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

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