"i've found the one i've waited for..."

CORE-RELATE! Music Video: GORECKI (by Lamb)
I'm down with Lamb's "Gorecki." Totally. It bespeaks my heart... although it will take more than just waiting for the one i've waited for. Hmm.

I knew it was him the very first time I ever laid eyes on him.

I knew it was him or there'll be no one else for me.

Three years and still, I am waiting. I've tried (and how!) to just shrug him off my system but he just won't budge.
He's had me even way before he asked for my name. He knew me before I knew him, and that's what makes me wonder even more. He found me first when I thought it was me who first saw him.

Funny thing about love is, well, as it has been quoted many times, "you're happy even when it means their happiness isn't with you." I wouldn't know if the picture he sees of the future is one with me in it or without. Nobody knows what the future holds and all I know is, "LOVE IS THE ANCHOR THAT KEEPS HOPE AFLOAT." You can quote me on this.

I love, I hope, I wait and I am thankful for the time that we've been given. Should there be more time to be given us in the future, only God knows. And whatever God has in store for me -- and him -- together or not, I'm down with it. Even way more than how much I'm down with Gorecki.

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