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Officially, I've already served 37 days of my 150-day "probation." I still have 113 days left and I still haven't got a job. I've already sown some good seeds but the fruits won't come out yet until perhaps another month of waiting. I'll start training for my hosting/acting job on the 7th of July (wow, come to think of it, JULY! My fingers almost slipped and typed in "June."); it's unpaid training but, heck, it's my passion. I'll do whatever it takes to excel in that job. By "whatever" I mean whatever is necessary, as long as it will not compromise my values nor the company's. (What were you thinking?!)

Also... there's this countdown to February 28, 2008. There's 244 days left or approximately 5,856 hours or 351,360 minutes, OR 21,081,600 seconds. OK, I'll just stick to counting by the days. Anyway, as I'm living each day as it comes, before I know it, there'll only be 24 hours left. Add to that another month of waiting, should I not get any confirmation whatsoever from the party concerned. What's with the countdown? In time, I'll let you know. All I can say is, well, it's all for the best! I've already done my part, everything else is up to God.

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