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CORE-RELATE! This battle isn't mine... it isn't mine alone. And as surely as I am a work in progress, so too are my friends and the people I encounter everyday of my life.

I have a mission to fulfill and it is something bigger than what my eyes and heart can hold. I have a lot of love to give, to share, and I know there'll be -- there is -- no better way to share it than sharing it with the everyday people in my life.

Aside from love, I guess another thing I have a lot to share of is a genuine smile. A smile is contagious and I think I know myself enough to say that smiling is a natural thing for me. I never smile just because I have to; even if it's just for posterity, my smile always comes from deep within me. If it doesn't, it comes out as an obvious smirk.

What am I trying to drive at until this point?

Well, my birthday celebration's coming up and I'll be sharing it with Milan (April 30) and Erbeex (May 4). Somehow I "envisioned" it to be a BAM party but resolved to rename it as MBA, in order of our birthdates -- mine being May 17.

MBA... perhaps I could start my message with that.

MBA, Ph.D.,MD... or how about Atty., Dr., Archt., Engr., H.E...? Those attachments that come with a name. When we die, it all boils down to a simple Mr. and Ms. All those years of working hard for degrees so we can 'attach' another to the string of letters, well, they will have no purpose in death.

Hmm... Perhaps I'll just stick with the 'closing' part... book reading. I'll just let everybody have their share of chat time then wait for some kind of a cue from anyone of them so we can read "My Heart: Christ's Home." Yeah. I'll just wait for a cue. It will be very good to share Christ with them.

My testimony? It will just come out. By God's grace.

For now, I have to sleep.

Wake-up at 9, Church at 11.

Father, Thy will be done. Amen.

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