crazy pop-ups


Funny how some pop-ups wiggle their way through cyberspace and end up on your pc screen when you're online. I don't understand exactly how a firewall works but I do know that it's intended to keep those pop-ups from popping up just about whenever.

Human nature is definitely sinful and I am not an exception. No one is. And I believe that our thoughts control our actions most of the time. And whether or not we contradict our thoughts and our actions all depends on the choices we make.

It is difficult to continue doing the right thing, doing good, being good at being good. Temptation is just about everywhere. And when I speak of temptation, I'm not only thinking of the carnal, sexual temptation that most men are prone to. I'm thinking along the lines of the little temptations: white lies, cussing, gossiping, skipping Church, procrastination, envy, overindulgence, worry...

The choice is always ours. And no matter how crazy some pop-ups may seem, it is still up to us to maximize their window or just click close.

Being tempted is not a sin because even Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil when he went out to the wilderness. But Jesus didn't sin because he did not give in. Neither did he rely on his own strength (which could have gone out by that time because he's been going on without "bread" for weeks..) but upon the Father's words which he used as artillery against the devil who not only believed in God and God's existence (yes, he did) but was also clever and well-versed with Scripture.

So what I'm trying to say is... we may have put up our own firewalls against temptation but those are only strengthened, upgraded, with a daily tune-up with God's Word. We may have a thousand and one crazy pop-ups every idle moment of any given day but if we arm ourselves, our hearts, with the Bible's powerful artillery, clicking on close will never be a struggle.


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