Ok, so here goes nothing.

As I was crossing the intersection, I couldn't help tell myself, "Oh, geez, I'm really tired. Not that I'm dead-tired or my-feet-are-killing-me tired, but I'm tired nonetheless. I just want to get home soonest possible time and hug my mother, have dinner and rest."

I have to put my ducks in a row. Time is running out and I still have a lot of things to do. I was in the shelves of National Bookstore again and got myself another 4 or 5 titles to be read. To think that I was just there yesterday, geewhiz...

Thence I found a 1000-piece puzzle of the R brand (forgot the name) and it features a map of the world. Php799. Wanted to buy it but thank God the cashier was nearby and I was aptly "reminded" that I still have some dues to be paid, not to mention my daily appropriation for my Greenpeace membership and my faith/tithe offerings!

Mmm-hmm. I'm getting hungry. Better get home soon or else find myself sleeping in front of the blogger window.

There, I've had it. And I'm relieved.

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