Quick, quick, quick! I have to recover all those LOST thoughts while they're still in here somewhere, somewhat still a little fresh!

I saw it coming. It was as if a voice whispered in my left ear to click on the "Save as Draft" tab before I started going through it! I've had it! I was already done and was just clicking on some links and integrating them into the text. Arrrghh... It couldn't get any better than this. If I had a speedometer for my typing, I guess I'll surpass the 60wpm mark with the way I'm tinkering with the ultra-soft keyboard of this laptop right now.

So where was I?

I started with Andrea Semple. She is my current companion and inspiration. To say that she is my contemporary would not only be an understatement but would be an attempt to downgrade her to the ranks of a wannabe which is far, far, far from what she really is. Because although she is only 2 years my senior, she is THE inspiration and I am the wannabe. She is THE teacher and I am the student.

Two days ago, I got myself a copy of her novel, "The Ex-Factor" which, I should say, is truly a good escapist companion. Not only is it downright hilarious but it has this oomph, this punch, the right kind of jab that cuts right through the core in an almost Pacquiao-ish fashion. Mmm-hmm.

I lost touch somewhere, geewhiz...

I couldn't recall how I got to the being happy part... the being thankful for what you have part... hmm... there has to be a link there somewhere...

Right, yeah. That's it. I was a little disappointed when my time was almost up (i.e, my pc rental session) when I thought of visiting her website and know more about her. Well, there is always tomorrow. Nope, it's not procrastination. Just practicalization (being practical, wink, wink).

So on my way home, as countless thoughts ran through my head, I felt a little "sorry" that no invention has been made yet for a braincorder. It's a thingamajig which has the ability to record all the pictures, the ideas, the words, that pop in your head at any given time. A mini-god of sorts. I'm not ruling out the possibility of that gadget being made, what with the riotously fast pace of technological advancement these days, making the line between real time and pseudo-real time almost unnoticeable. I even recall having read something about the resultant "soft time" of mobile technology, geewhiz. I'll write about it some other time.

Back to real time. Real-real time. I am practically a drifter who owns nothing. No passport, no savings, no car. I am a dreamer who dreams of purchasing a 300-square-meter lot for her mother's dream house, of getting her own laptop, of getting herself a Jaguar through consumer loan, of landing a job that pays P100,000++ monthly, of "mastering" music, of writing and being published, not exactly in that order.

But I have learned that the secret to being truly happy is not to focus on the things that you don't have but on the things that you have. To be truly content, you have to be "thankful in each and every situation," just like Paul the apostle. That in order to be worry-free, one just have to learn to live in the present moment and just "let tomorrow worry for itself."

So right now, I am thankful that when I got to the bedroom tonight, I found this laptop with internet connection. I am thankful that I am looking forward to tomorrow's (later's!) Scripture message at church. I am thankful that I am excited about summer's youth camp. I am thankful that while the cursor is blinking at this point, my heart is pumping and my fingers are doing a great job tinkering on the soft keyboard of this borrowed Acer laptop so I could blog my thoughts away and have them "published."

I am pushing 29 in May and even if I must admit that sometimes I feel afraid, knowing that there are still lots of things to be done with only so little time, I am thankful for every waking moment that God gives me. I am thankful for this season in my life that I thus term as "single blessedness," because I am single and I am blessed with tons of hope, faith and love.

Hope is a reality, not a dream. Faith is real, not imagined. Love is intangible, yet it cannot not be seen. And life... is not just about living; it's also about leaving but never going away.

Now off to dreamland. Braincorder on.

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