Waiting for the Sunset

CORE-RELATE! I got home before 7 this morning, had a quick munch and slept. I guess I haven't even got into deepest REM yet when the alarm sounded at 11am. I fought off the temptation to doze back and dragged myself up. I had to do an important errand I've put off for the last 5 days so at 2:30pm, I was on the road, walking in the rain, towards my destination.

At 4pm, nostalgia hit me as I passed by the streets where my ex-beau and myself used to walk hand-in-hand. I immediately shrugged the feeling off.

4:45, phase one of my mission was completed. Phase 2 would be to convert the material into cold hard cash. Tomorrow. And I hope I wake early enough to face the early morning sun.

Around 5pm, I was lost. Not finding any signs which say "autoload," or "free recharge" my feet battled which way to go and led me to buy some peanuts. As if having a mind of their own, my feet crossed the road and walked towards the direction of Baywalk. It was then that I decided to do something I haven't done in a long time: wait for the time... and in that case, wait for the sunset.

Although I am yet to witness a picture perfect sun setting itself in the horizon to "sleep" in the sea, the one I had this afternoon is one for my history books.

The clear white sky streaked with blue and gray watched dragon boaters paddle their way to cross the sun's yellow marker on the waters. It slowly moved to include some orange hues while some couples and teeners walked themselves to a vacant spot.

As the sun sinked itself to rest behind the clouds, some crimson, pink and violets made their way into the marvelous painting. Slowly the night lights came to life.

I could have just painted it instead or wrote about it as it unfolded and perhaps I could have shared with you a better picture.

But then, you probably have already seen a better one.

Mine though, was etched ever so clearly with the phrase: "This is a lot better than watching him play basketball."

And I have never felt prouder.

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