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CORE-RELATE! It isn't everyday that you get to meet people who'd impact your life in a way that's "everlasting." Even when you part ways, or you lose touch for a while, you know for sure that in your heart such people - a rare breed - will remain embedded deeply, never to be uprooted.

Such people could be a parent, a sibling, for some perhaps a spouse, and for some a "best friend."

I had the privilege of having such kind of a friend when I was single. You know the kind of person who wasn't afraid to hurt your feelings because she knows it's for your own good? Yet she also knows when a word of encouragement or appreciation would lift up your spirit.

She's the type of person who was willing to be there for you, not minding if she'll be inconvenienced.

She has not just listening ears but a heart that genuinely and selflessly loves you.

I am at a loss for words. Words that could express the love that I have in my heart for her. Words that would show how grateful I am that she taught me what it truly meant to be an instrument of God's love.

It pains me that I cannot put words into the emotions I feel about the uncertainty of what she's going through.

It pains me that I cannot express my love for her at this very moment. I cannot speak to her. I cannot hug her.

I love her. In my heart of hearts, pretty much in the way that I love my own biological mom.

I love her and I cannot wait to hug her again. She taught me how to hug, how to love.

Pretty much in the same way I cannot repay my own mom for giving birth to me and taking care of me the best way she knew how, I cannot repay this friend for all the love she has showered me with; for how she nurtured me as a shepherdess takes care of her sheep.

She is the best friend any lady can ever have. She's the sister I never had - at least not with the same parents
- and to me, she is always going to be not just my "maid of honor" but my "sister of honor."

Momsie, thank you for those "Friendster days" when you encouraged me to keep writing even when only you and I read my blog entries.

Thank you for letting me into your life and being in mine.

Thank you for allowing me to be with you to the grocery store and witness what "Spirit-led" shopping looks like.

Thank you for letting me see what it means when Daddy God provides and multiplies.

Thank you for teaching me what good stewardship is all about.

Thank you for hugging me when I couldn't hug myself.

Thank you for loving me when I couldn't love myself.

Thank you for showing me what it means to love Jesus more than anyone else and how to walk with Him.

Thank you for being an example of a "gentle and quiet spirit."

Thank you simply for being you.

Momsie, I'll fast and I'll pray and I'll wait 'til you're up and about again. I will keep my lamp burning. And I won't be a hermit. As Daddy God wills.

"Many women do noble things,but you surpass them all!" Proverbs 31:29


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