When God Works

CORE-RELATE! The facebook message from my friend Mel A. came in at 10:55pm of February 24. When I've read it, unfortunately, I was too sleepy to understand.

The following morning, I read the message from Mel A. again and found out it was about our friend Mel Z. (whom I call Momsie). I prayerfully sent a reply. Today I found out that my reply was sent on "25 Feb at 06:33."

633. The numbers are so familiar to me. It has been a constant reminder for me on how I should live my life each day: without superstition nor religiosity but only expectant faith.

It has become a habit for me that when I notice these things, I pause for a heart check and see what I've been doing. That day, as I look back, I am humbled to be able to understand 633 a little bit more.

I associate 633 with this verse:

Matthew 6:33New International Version (NIV) But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Other versions read "Seek first the kingdom of God..."

God's kingdom. What does God's kingdom look like? What does it mean to seek it first? What does it mean to seek first His righteousness?

It means just that. God's kingdom - God first. And God "who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands." (Acts 17:23-25, in context)

God is knowable. He is reachable. He listens. He speaks. And I can only be thankful that before I've read Mel A.'s facebook message that morning, I've already been with God in prayer. I was able to respond, not react. You see, I'm an emotional person who has a tendency to express, not suppress, whatever emotions I have at the moment. I'm still learning that even when all emotions are alright, "what feels right," isn't necessarily right all the time. Have I not met the LORD in prayer first, I would've panicked even before I finished reading the words "emergency," "operation" and "can't breathe" in context.

But God is good. God is able. And He works in and through us whenever we purposely keep ourselves attuned with Him. I can never over-emphasize the importance of quiet times alone with God each day. When we allow Him to take control - even of our emotions - He works in ways which is for the best of everyone - for His glory - turning what initially looks like bad news into good news, our negative reactions into encouraging responses.

I cannot be more thankful to be affirmed that God, our Faithful Father, "the Alpha and the Omega," "the Beginning and the End," is at work in the lives of my friends from Mel A. to Mel Z., and even before and beyond.

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