Alice Cooper: The Dichotomy of a Rock Icon


"Surprise! Alice Cooper is a Christian" read the title of a YouTube video. Frankly, I was not surprised that I was not surprised. Before I saw that video, I've watched heavy metal band Korn's lead guitarist Brian Welch aka "Head" leaving Korn for Jesus. Hey, nothing is impossible!

Let's rewind a little. I woke up one morning, poked on the little brown YouVersion Holy Bible icon on my tablet and read the day's verse: "She bound the scarlet line in the window." (Joshua 2:21). It referred to Rahab, the prostitute, and her red-ribbon agreement with 2 spies so she and her family can be spared. (Read the full story here.)

As I read through Charles Spurgeon's insight on the verse, I was moved to tweet "Let men or devils gaze if they will, the blood is my boast and my song." As if on cue, "Nothing but the blood... nothing but the blood of Jesus..." played on loop in my head. I was reminded of my ardent lover, Jesus Christ, the Lamb who shed his blood and was slain to save me from the guilt of all my sins... for without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness. Jesus, the Lover of my soul. Jesus, my Savior, my Lord, my All.

Radical. I feel a certain angst and excruciating pain mixed with unexplainable gratitude whenever I think of Jesus' blood being shed for me. Its cleansing power... the power to make everything new.

While I waited for "Nothing but the blood" to come 'full stream ahead' I watched Brian "Head" Welch's story and watched his interviews with the 700 Club and CBN. Then it came. Alice Cooper. The shock rock icon.

photo courtesy of Ostlendingen.no
I thought the name "Alice Cooper" was just a fictional character, a cast in a horror movie and nothing more. Well, he's quite a character but I am now convinced that he's for real. In fact, Alice Cooper - the artist, the person - turned 65 last February 5. Today I think of him as a living paradox, a dichotomy that speaks of a power that with man is impossible yet possible with God!

Alice decided not to copy what his mentors did. Though he was an alcoholic for many years and have lived the rock lifestyle day in and day out, he discovered that he didn't have to actually live his act. "I'm the perfect example of the prodigal son," FoxNews quotes him as having said in an  interview. Alice Cooper's faith in Jesus moved him to abandon alcoholism and to be who he is today: a devoted father by "day" and a 'helluva' rock icon at night. Well-meaning people (Christians or otherwise) may find this dichotomy questionable but who are we to judge?

Alice 'prostituted' himself with alcohol, Brian 'prostituted' himself with drugs and I, myself, have 'prostituted' with other worldly loves. But just like Rahab, we have bound the scarlet line on the windows of our house so that not only us, but our entire household, will be saved. Our guarantee is found not in the words of 2 spies but in the words of 2 prisoners - Paul and Silas: "Believe in the LORD JESUS and you will be saved; you and your household." (Acts 16:31).

my fave pic of Alice from bloguez.com
Alice's music bespeak of the issues that most (young) people would rather just hold bottled up in favor of a "nice" reputation. But his words are poignant: "Alice is a character. And between me and the LORD, the LORD knows that." Alice also co-founded a non-profit organization called the Solid Rock for troubled teens in his community in Arizona.

Please pray with me that for as long as God lets him live, Alice Cooper will courageously, steadfastly, faithfully build his house upon Jesus Christ, the true Rock of Ages. Rock on, Alice Cooper!

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