Shower Me Happy!


13 days to go to my wedding day! yes, this warrior princess has finally, fully, sweetly surrendered to the will of God for her life and is yielding all "rights and privileges" of singlehood in favor of "couplehood"! rawr!!

i am grateful for Momsie - my accountability partner for the last 5 years (and still going!) and the LOVELYs, for always praying for me and for extending grace and understanding to me when i need it most.

i am grateful for my beloved Pagcor girlfriends who helped make my simple, not-so-surprise bridal shower last Wednesday a fun and memorable one.

i am grateful for my husband-to-be, my Ray of sunshine, for his 'song' and 'friendly' message: "see you soon, my good friend."

i am grateful for my flesh-and-blood sisters Amai and Bujoy who inspire me to persevere in obedience and in living out a good example.

i am grateful for my one and only mom, my Mama Azon, whom i can never fully repay for my life.

i am grateful for my Papa Kellog, whom i look forward to embracing when i get to Heaven someday.

and above all else, i am grateful to the Lover of my soul, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is my Source of ultimate satisfaction and happiness, without Whom my life will be hopeless, devoid of meaning, purpose and direction. only He alone, indeed, makes ALL things possible! :'))

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