For my Lost Buddy

You wouldn't understand me because I am not meant to be understood. I am a mystery, designed to be understood only with the heart - not with the intellect.

No matter what you do, if you'd try to understand me with your mind, you'd only miserably fail because you would only find yourself being challenged each time.

We're not on the same page.

I never said you were stupid. Perhaps you might want to check who really said those words: your own self, or was it the Accuser?

My Father knows me. And He, for countless times, has assured me, that my heart is right with Him and that my fault is continuing to communicate with you when He has repeatedly warned me: "The prudent see danger and take refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it." Proverbs 27:12

Love never fails. You can go on saying you "loved" me and it will only prove over and over and over again that your kind of love is totally different from the kind of love I was willing to give - the love of Christ, the unconditional type, the one that only rejoices with the Truth, not in manipulation; the kind that surrenders to the will of God and obeys without question nor hesitation.

You're not humble enough to see where you've failed yet I choose not to blame you - for you will always point your fingers back at me. But I am not shaken. I know myself, I know my God, I know that the Lover of my soul has hidden me in the shadow of His wings. He is my Refuge, He is my Shield, He is my Strength and He has humbled me to see my own folly.

I don't claim at all to be someone who's spiritually "matured" but I take confidence in the fact that I am continually a work-in-progress, growing and progressing in Christ.

You call yourself a matured Christian? Stop acting like one and start being one. Better yet, GROW UP.

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