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last year, my valentine's day was spent with around 30 other people in my former company's customer service training program. i shared a certain kind of Love with them that day, a Love that is merciful, unselfish and just. in Christianspeak, i sowed seeds. when i went home that afternoon, i wondered whether or not i'd be spending this year's valentine's day still single and concluded with "most likely."

true enough, i am still single, unattached, and purposefully waiting as of this writing. status? shempre UNcomplicated. whoops! mind you, this is NOT an advertisement. i'm actually "quilig" as i am posting this blog entry, not because of anyone in particular but because of the FACT that I AM LOVED more than i can ever know or even imagine.

last night, feb 14, i had six dates and, by golly, i had a really FULL-filled-ly, full-FEELING, time with them over doses of 6-grain nachos, spring chicken, heart donuts, ensaymada and tofu choco fondue! talk about healthy eating, if your dgroup leader is a fitness instructor, your accountability partner is a gourmet cook and you have dgroupmates who seem not to have any "fat" hormones in their genes, you might think eating is not an option. well for them, it isn't: it is non-negotiable! hehe.

this evening, still feeling LOVE-ly as ever in spite of the hectic day, i boarded the front seat of the public FX. seated beside me was a young lady. she was quiet. (well, who isn't quiet when alone?) but she was more than quiet. i noticed around 15 minutes into our travel, that she was C.W.T. (crying while texting) silently. i felt her pain. i wanted to strike a conversation with her but i felt that such a kind of talk would require a private space, not an FX. i was afraid that if i let her talk it out while in the FX, it would just add insult to injury instead of comforting her.

i was prompted to write a short note for her. i chose to obey the prodding even when it meant writing a little askew amidst the dim light of the FX. God's perfect timing came when i dotted my last sentence and the lady told the driver she was getting off. i was the one who opened the door for her (because i was the one seated by it) so i had the split-second chance of handing her the note.

my note began with "I FEEL YOUR PAIN" and ended with "He is listening." the two sides of the paper had one sentence in common: "GOD LOVES YOU."

to me, that repeated sentence is all that mattered. that is where my JOY comes from and that is ALL i wanted to share with her - and everyone else. *sniff*

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