I am on a mission. And now I can say, with all seriousness and conviction: NO TURNING BACK.

I've long coveted this ring and now that it's wrapped around my finger, it is ONLY by grace that I can confidently say that nobody can be strong enough to pull it out. It's not just a ring. It's the outward sign of an inward commitment I hold in high esteem.

I am engaged... to the Bridegroom.

I will love Him for as long as I am living.

I vow to make myself pleasing to Him first and foremost. I want to be pure moment by moment, every passing day as He encourages, equips and empowers me to wait for His BEST laid-out Plan for me.

I am being trained by Him to shine brightly as nobody has ever done. He is molding me to do things that nobody ever could, tiny details that no human eyes will ever notice -- nobody but Him.

I long to be in His presence someday when He rewards me with His "Well done, My good and faithful servant." The paradox of it all is that more to being His Servant -- and while I am primarily His child -- He is also the Lover of My Soul, my Forever Faithful Friend, My Rock, My Redeemer. He is the Air that I breathe. He fuels my passion, He encourages me with me His vision, He moves me to sweet submission to His will.

I've been unfaithful, stubborn and I've chosen to shut my ears to His directions before and chose to do things my way. Promiscuity, drunkenness, lust.. I've shut my eyes for quite many years and I couldn't see those sins in my life to realize how distorted my view of love was.

In my brokenness, I 'prodigaled' my way back to Him one fateful day and in His goodness and mercy, He embraced me so tightly and assured me of His forgiveness. He washed me clean with His precious blood and gave me a new heart and a new mind. He taught me not to deny that my past has ever happened but to stand up and face it, extract the lessons from it and bounce back from it. Stand up and bounce back I did and now, here I am: betrothed to be with Him and enjoy an abundant life with Him... forever.

I am committed to live my life the way He has intended for me to live it. Long before He created the universe, He has already created a role that is to be played solely by me. He has charted out a course that could be similar to the journey of others yet uniquely designed to be run on my own pace.

I make it my goal to live each moment everyday in constant communication with Him, listening for His still, small voice, getting my marching orders from Him first thing each day, thanking Him even for the little things, and airing Him any of my concerns.

I couldn't imagine living my life any other way. There couldn't be anything better than this: a life lived for the One who makes ALL things possible and Whose Love no other human being can ever match. I am not speaking of a full-time missionary life per se but a supernatural, SURRENDERED life that only an intimate relationship with JESUS CHRIST can make possible.

I am His.

You can be, too.

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