when the clouds seem dark
and the future looks uncertain,
i kneel down and pray..
and i choose LOVE.

when my friends seem not to care
and i couldn't find them anywhere
in my heart i whisper a prayer..
and i choose LOVE.

when the tears keep falling down my cheeks
and my heart cannot contain the pain
i find a quiet corner and say,
Father God, please help me overcome,
help me choose LOVE.

when the task seems too heavy
and my strength is wasting away,
i turn around the bend to rest
and choose not to give up,
i choose LOVE.

when the air i breathe
cannot make me breathe any more
than i should
i choose to yield,
i surrender,
i choose LOVE.

when i would have to leave this world and sleep
never being sure if i'll awake again
i will not fear, i will pray,
and i still will choose LOVE.

LOVE chooses solitude, quietness, placidity amidst the storm..
when that which it wants joined together
cannot be,
it still grows stronger.. unceasingly.
because i choose LOVE.

i know no other way.
i see no better way
to live my temporary life,
than to live it IN LOVE.

anna corazon alejandria paredes

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