better off alone...


The time has elapsed.

It's been a month since February 28, 2008 passed and here I am, still single, unattached and purposefully waiting.

The February 28 countdown was only as far as Jag was concerned. He was here for about a month before he boarded a ship again to sail the waters of US or only God knows where. When we didn't see eye-to-eye when he was here, I knew then that was it. That the 'waiting' is over and I really have to move on with my life with him being just a part of the wonderful memories and lesson-giving episodes in my life.

I am still waiting... but not for Jag anymore. It's for that man, that BEST guy that God is molding for me. Mind you, I've already seen him in person (HE EXISTS!), and I'm praying that it's him. But we haven't been personally introduced yet and I haven't seen him in weeks so I've resolved it in my heart to just treat him in all purity and respect, a brother in the faith and just wait out on God's timing. If it is God's will, we could be friends.

For now, really, in all frankness and candidness, I am telling you, I believe (in terms of male-female relationships): IT IS BETTER TO BE ALONE THAN TO BE IN BAD COMPANY.

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