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CORE-RELATE! I don't really mind turning 30 but something's been bugging me a lot lately. I want a radical change soon. Nope, not a sex change or anything as ridiculous like that. Having my belly button pierced or a tattoo on my lower back also doesn't count. Neither is finding Mr. Right and joining him in an active, sporty, adventurous lifestyle because I am absolutely not ready for him yet.

I've been praying really hard for something new, something that will really make me feel more alive and fulfilled. Twelve days into my 32-day casino hiatus has so far given me better "chances" of spending quality time with Him and the good news is, well, it looks like I'm going to get even more of it! I don't know exactly how it's going to happen but I'm really looking forward to next Monday.

Yesterday, I signed a contract for a company in Makati. I'll be embarking on a new job come March 12. It's initially a training but I'll already be getting paid for it. The pay, however, is a lot smaller than what I'm receiving from my current job as casino dealer. Nonetheless, there's a lot of room for advancement there. Funny thing is, after I've signed the contract, I submitted an application to another company in the same industry. "Just for kicks," I told myself.

Suffice it to say, I aced the first 3 stages and the fourth and final stage - the final interview - was scheduled this afternoon. I was 15 minutes early. An hour and ten minutes passed and my name hasn't been called. I took it as a sign of confirmation to forego the application. I talked to the frontliner, Bambie, and she told me that I could re-apply after three months. After all has been said and done, I was literally on the road.

I met up with Racquee to get my Certificate of Employment. She's my workmate in the casino and was my classmate in the Basic Safety Training course I took last February. She's advancing in her bid for a sea-based employment while my journey towards that is on hold because I still have to raise the money for two more trainings. So now I'm sailing towards another industry instead.

It's amazing how God sends people into our lives. When I made the decision to forego the final interview, it was in part because of what Junie, a new friend, texted me. Junie is a fresh graduate and what we have in common, aside from our alma mater, is the state where we currently find ourselves: the crossroads. He said: "its rily c0nfusing lalo na pag marami ofers... Per0 4 me ok na... I made a pr0mise 2 them and i w0nt let them d0wn."

Yep, I've already signed a contract and that's already binding, as far as the company is concerned. Invoking my rights, I could defer it knowing that I have a job to come back to. A job that pays more but has been a lot less-inspiring for the past several months. Such is the radical change I've been praying for and I intend to live up to my promise.

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