run for pasig!


I started a little late and I didn't beat my own record. I felt like dying when I tried to catch up with the pack. I was breathing heavily, my legs felt like lead but I had to keep running because I didn't want to get "lost" and I dreaded the thought of finishing last. My chrono flashed a 1:05:29 at the finish but I'll have to add around 5 minutes to that because I pressed "Start" only after I've covered my first kilometer.

As fate would have it, the first I caught up with was a female runner and to top that, she was from AMCI! She was kind enough to chat with me while we were running the first 5 kilometers of our 10K race. Pacing with her really helped put me at ease. Too bad I lost her somewhere near the finish as I queued up for my freebies. Kudos to Ms. Maida of AMCI-BMC 2K5! You're one of the reasons I thank God for today, along with Zaza, Sir Alman and my run-mates Joey, Malen and Alex.

I'm really thankful to AMCI (not to mention Barbz who invited me) for the training I've had with them last year. Even if I wasn't able to finish the BMC, I must say that it helped me a lot in terms of discipline and regularizing my fitness routine. God knows, I really want to be a certified mountaineer. Oh well, in His time. I guess He won't let me die just being a wannabe, eh? For now though, I'll just have to keep on running and working for my top speed.

So run for PASIG! Mm-hmm. It feels good having done a little something for my city. Save for the unfinished, unpublished, un-started-all-over (hehehe) book on it, at least I think I've been quite a worthy, responsible Pasiguenia this time. While running, I held onto my plastic cup for as long as I could and threw it only in the designated spots, not along the road. I remember what they've put in the race pack, something like: "...not only runners, but environmentalists..."

Next year I endeavor to run the 42K, God-willing. I'm not only a runner, I am an environmentalist.

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