and so it happened: goodbye PS and hello, again, CF.

two days ago, i've read: "don't just use your time, invest it," from the 'our daily bread' devotional. modesty aside, i think i've done a great deal of investing during the last two months. it will take some time before i get the ROI (return-on-investment) but i know it's been laid out just for me to claim in His time.

i am excited for wednesday, when i get to open yet another door of opportunity to 'work' for Him. i am not expecting to be paid for it, but i believe that i will be blessed a thousand fold, in ways i haven't ever imagined.

i've been taking my little steps, everytime not knowing whether they are exactly in accordance with His will for me or not. i am sure of the fact, though, that no matter how many times i try to let go of His grasp, He will never let go of me. He guides my way and gives me enough light to stand in the dark hole where i do my job practically everyday except on my weekly "rest" days. yes, the pay is good. yes, it has helped me help my family for the last seven years. yes, it has provided me whatever material possessions i have at this point. and yes, it has helped mold me into the person that i am now.

somehow though, i've never felt comfortable in it. i've never genuinely felt that i loved doing what i do. from time to time, questions always pop up one after the other: why am i here? what am i doing here? should i really be here? but i am thankful, no question about that.

God has a great plan for me and i know He has put me "in the shadows" for a reason. i am not alone. there's one of us, then there's many of us. although we are yet to converge, i know that in our own little ways we've already started lighting our own little corners.

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