aimless what?


I vaguely remember why I entitled my previous post as "aimless wanderings." Not that i don't have any goal and am just jabbing here and there without any clear target. Something just tells me I should have given it a different title. But then again, so be it.

February 2-10 was a very busy week. I had classes from 2:00 til 8:30 and took comprehension quizzes everyday. I did quite well, with a 95, 2 perfect scores, 3 98's and a 93. Saturday, Feb 10, was the highlight. I went to Naic, Cavite for the assessment on basic fire fighting, search and rescue and personal survival. I had to don a 10-pound breathing apparatus, wear an immersion suit which made anyone look like "dugong," extinguish 3 types of fire, rescue a missing victim from the underground, float without life jacket for one minute, jump from a 14-feet platform feet first into the water, huddle with groupmates, ask for help and board a liferaft only to tumble back down again into the water. Whew! Thanks to my practice floating session last Thursday morning, I passed the 1-minute float! I wouldn't have made it without my mother monitoring my time. Thank God for Mama. =)

Our batch finished earlier than expected and what's really, really cool about it is, nobody has to come back for re-take. Everybody made it! Thanks to the site assessors who, in spite of their intimidating suits, were accommodating and considerate enough of our performances. They made our lives easier.

The next step would be to get my SIRB (Seaman's Identification and Record Book) aka, Seaman's Book, from Marina after I've claimed my certificate from the school. Thence I'll have to get stamped by TESDA-NAC with a competency thingamajig. So it isn't enough that I completed the course, I have to be competent enough.

Hmm. In matters of spirituality, I still have a long, long way to go. The "training" is a daily thing and my comprehension quizzes are faring just about average... and sometimes I even fail on purpose, stubborn me. I don't think I have achieved anything big yet that would merit me a competency badge. In fact I think I'm the worst struggling Christian there is. If there's anything I'm proud of in being a Christian, it will just be... loving unconditionally. It has its fair share of pluses and minuses but, well, I'd rather have it than nothing at all.
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13), NIV.

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