For the nth time the old year goes to sleep and a new one awakens. Well, at least not until the next 8 days.

I cannot recall having devised a resolution last 2005 for 2006 but I do remember "promising" myself I won't be late anymore. It turned out I was a huge failure. And come 2007, I'll be "reaping the fruits" of my LATE labor.

2006 was pretty much a good year for me. I don't have a boyfriend (still) but there is "someone special" who's just a tad too busy to wait and do nothing while I make up my mind. I like it that way: no pressure.

I remember a girlfriend asked me about my wedding plans and changing my hairstyle. As to marriage, I told her since "he" (my future mate) hasn't found me yet, I am just enjoying my singleness to the fullest. I told her I wasn't interested in cutting my hair short or trying something new in the next 6 months or so but if they see me with a major hairstyle change it could mean I am getting married soon. Well, there's "someone" but it's still a definite maybe so that doesn't count and that makes me officially free.

So what are my plans for 2k7?

I don't really want to lay down all my plans but definitely, EXCELLENT time management is tops. I don't want to make it BETTER, I want it EXTREMELY good not just by my standards but by universal standards. Mm-hmm.

At this point I'm thinking of volunteering for a branch transfer somewhere down south. Management says it's only for the first six months of 2007. I may have nothing to lose but it will be a major adjustment and I'm not really good in dealing with change. So I've been thinking and re-thinking about signing up.

Then there's my ministry work which I've shelved for quite some time. How am I supposed to serve if I'll be far from my mentor?

I suppose my fitness/wellness routine won't be much of a problem since I've already gotten used to it and procrastination (and laziness) doesn't have power over me in that area anymore.

Well, transfer or no-transfer, I just hope 2007 will hold much more unbroken promises and be more fruitful for me and my loved ones.

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