waiting finisher.


I haven't blogged for quite some time but the pages of my longhand journal are quite filled to the brim for the past two weeks.

Inspiration had its way of springing up on my unguarded moments and I just couldn't wait to get to the internet station to blog them down. Thank God for tissue paper and ticket receipts... and even the casino "regla" papers. I hope mankind doesn't find a way to eliminate paper on the face of the earth -- not until they've devised a braincorder. I wonder if someone else has thought about it but I'd like to believe I was the one who gave birth to the idea. Hmm.

I have two hours to spare and I haven't really given much thought to what I'm going to spend it on today. Oh, yeah. There's the... and... and the...

YAKULT 10-miler! My first 16 kilometer-run... from CCP to Coastal Road and back. My, oh, my! I survived! And I am still alive!!! My toenails are really crying out loud, my poor feet. I haven't got myself a new pair of running shoes just in time for the race but I got myself a gray/pink chrono Timex Expedition with a 2-timezone feature, 99 lap memory and 3 alarms. It flashed a shameful 2:27 finish. I was aiming for a 1:45 because my 10K clocked in at 1:13... Oh, well. Talk about prioritizing your shopping...
Funny, funny. On our last turn (perhaps around 300 meters to the finish) Chief thought that we could have "lost" the finish line and I retorted "Puwede bang mawala 'yung finish line?!" Hee-haw. The race peeps were already taking the whatchacall-those-orange-cones off the road when we got back. But still, we OFFICIALLY finished the race! They took the bar-coded stickies off our race bibs, gave us our Yakult FINISHER singlets and the much-needed "OK Ka Ba Tiyan" drink! Thank you, Yakult!!
As an added bonus, I got to hug my favorite almost-batch mate in AMCI, Susan, the down-to-earth team captain of the PDRT Fireblades. Hmm. I wonder if I'll ever get my hands on a paddle while seated on a floating dragonboat or even merely dip my running toes in (bay)water before I can even confidently say "I know how to swim." I suppose I'll have to learn more than just doing the "backfloat" on water before I do the dragon, eh? Which reminds me. I have toooooo many things left to try and the list is getting longer each day! And that means the M word has to be moved further down the list. Because... for the nth time, TRUE LOVE WAITS!
So now I do hereby declare that I, Ancore, am officially a waiting finisher.

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