How Late is Too Late?


I must confess I am a perennial late-comer.

I must confess I loathe (strong word) rushing myself.

I must confess I have an inane tendency to procrastinate.

I must confess waiting is an agony for me.

I must confess I believe that in anything, it's "better late than never."

But then again, I must confess that I believe being late is not a good thing. "How can you respect?!" as a friend would sarcastically ask of people who seem to be unreliable or just a tad contradictory.

I respect people. I respect my friends. I respect my family. I value my relationship with them. And if I say I respect them and value the time they spend with me, I must do something with my being late.

But that's not my point here.

It's about my perennial tardiness at work.

I'm afraid I'll be sacked anytime soon. As in, S-O-O-N. Hmm. Ok, so the job I'm currently at is not exactly the kind of job I'll want to be stuck with for the rest of my life. I don't intend to stay beyond the 7 years I've "drafted." I can't say I love it but I don't exactly hate it for all it's worth. I'm just thankful for it, really. But whether or not I love my job is not a reason for me to be late, right?

Oh, well. It might be too late to start being on time for work because I'm up for a good beating any time soon. I've signed memos for a 2-day and 7-day suspension for the months of July and August respectively but I haven't "served" those yet. After 7 days, the next is 15. That's for September but they haven't given me the memo yet. After 15, it's a meeting with the top honchos of the branch. Darn. I've also been excessively late last October and we're not even half through this month yet but I've alread hit beyond the allowable number of minutes. So I have every reason to believe I'll be sacked any time soon.

My only "option" is to be able to think of the best veritable reason why I'm always late so I'd be able to stay with the job until july 2007 (when I intend to file my resignation).

For now, I'm just crossing my fingers and setting my alarm clock to 20 minutes earlier... and hope they procrastinate giving me my memo.

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  1. Anonymous09:34

    July 2007, hmm, BMC 2K7, yes! Cecil


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