I wasn't expecting a reply from Tatum.

But he did.

I was thinking "If he ignores the question, he doesn't want to see me again."

But then, I was also thinking "He knows better than to shun me altogether when all I ever wanted was to be the bestest friend he could ever have. And I have always been nice to him. I know he loses his mind over my this-is-just-me antics sometimes. But, hey, they're not deliberate. I tend to be really DUH-ish when he's around, I mean, I can control myself but what I can't control is not minding what he thinks of me when I'm being just me!"

Anyway, when negativism seemed to be gaining the upperhand I just enjoyed -- revered -- in the workload I was faced with the whole day. Thanks to action-packed Pontoon, it gave me no opportunity to "ponder."


When I checked my mobile and read the message from HIM... you guessed it right, I WANTED TO JUMP!!!! I wanted to dance... I wanted to sing... I wanted to screeeeam!!!

So much for head-over-heels-stupid-girl-in-love reaction.

Composure, puhhleez...

Nope, he's not the one for me. But he is my quilig factor numero uno, 2 years in a row. My beloved friend.


Would you believe the author of this post is a 28-year-old female?! She sounds like a highschool girl with a highschool crush.

I just can't believe she's me.


What love can do.


Close-up Lovapalooza takes place at Baywalk, Roxas Blvd., Manila tonight. I remember being there last 2004, with my 5-year flame, when the Philippines set a world record. And after 2-days, Feb. 16, he broke up with me.

Water under the bridge.

What matters is I am happy now, more than ever.

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