Purposeful Thinking (Courtesy Call)

CORE-RELATE! I was reading my previous blogs and one that caught my attention was "On Being Normal." Hmm... I am normal, alright. But something within me keeps telling me, "You ought to make a difference; you are different." I just couldn't stop at going back to the year that was... the year when I was 'famous,' like I can do anything I want, I can make people listen, I can make anything possible.
But have I done anything which I could have, given that perfect chance, in that perfect position? No. I've been a failure. Basking only in self-centered glory. Alright, I did some gratitude calls... but the one which could have made all the difference and given the perfect start, I failed to do: that courtesy call.
That courtesy call where i could have discussed all possibilities. That courtesy call where I could have brainstormed with "The Who" what next step to take...
But then again... I'm here. And it's no use wondering, pondering on what-have-beens and what-ifs. All I have is here and now. And as long as there's tomorrow, I can still do something about it. I can still make the difference that I long to achieve, the difference that I ought to do...
And then again, will there be a "tomorrow"? Perhaps so, perhaps not.
Which brings me back to: NOW.
Live each moment purposefully, doing what should be done, and a little more... Just be happy... and content. After all, my courtesy call with Heaven is, well, still in cognito.

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