CORE-RELATE! I was walking along the streets of the Pasig Palengke (marketplace)... upon seeing the City Hall, I was a bit surprised to find myself remembering how I felt treading on those same grounds 3 years ago...
Wearing a crown on my head and a pretty dress (think fairy tale princesses), I had to walk my way towards the Bulwagan (I couldn't recall what it is exactly called), where we had to meet prior to the "Araw ng Pasig 2000" parade. Amidst hundreds of students, some of them unmindful of me, some noticing, I felt "humbly proud." They knew I was someone but somehow, in the inner corners of their minds they didn't exactly knew who I was. The previous night, I was crowned Mutya ng Pasig 2000. Some of them knew exactly who I was. Most of them didn't. And I even overheard a number of them mutter, "Maganda naman pala, eh." Maybe because news went out that I wasn't the pretty head-turner type. But I bested all the other 23 candidates because I had a damn so pretty talkative brain -- whatever!
Well, it felt really good to be put on a high float and wave and smile tirelessly to everyone who went out of their homes or stopped in their tracks to witness the historic event of Pasig City that fateful July. I felt important. I felt beautiful, inside and out.
But now, what the heck. Wearing my clamdiggers and gray tee, no one even notices. Not a single soul can tell "Hey, that lady was our Millennium Mutya!" But I still feel damn good. I have great dreams for our City. I know that book I was supposed to have finished by 2002 didn't materialize, but it isn't too late to start all over again. I still want to finish that book and publish it -- albeit popularity and all the perks. I just want it to be a good read. Something which would spell Pasiguenio inside and out.

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