Parental Guidance

CORE-RELATE! It's good to be 26 and not married. I mean, well, yeah I'm into a serious relationship but I'm enjoying the perks of being single: being able to choose between going home straight and busying myself with a blog like this, checking emails... going out on gimmicks not-so-much but still the bottomline is, it's good.
At this point in time, it's difficult to settle down -- except for those who have ALL the means to do so. Being a parent is an awful lot of hardwork. I know, I know... How can I talk about parenthood when I myself am not one yet?
Duh, isn't there such a thing as keen observation?
When you're 26 and you're helping your siblings through school, or when you're father's a senior citizen and you're mother's age is just about half your dad's age, you would know. And yes, keen observation and lots of pakiramdam.
Being single is a choice I took for the above obvious reasons and one more important thing: I LOVE MY FAMILY! I don't want to sound like a heroine of sorts... I guess I just feel like before I can go on enjoying everything for myself, I have to help them enjoy first. After all, my parents have given me more than enough -- guidance, that is -- to get by my tough "dependent" life.
And now that I'm legally independent (overstaying na nga e...) I'm more than thankful that I have a lot of lessons to look up to when I get to be a parent myself...

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