Have You Forgotten Something?

11 years worth of archived posts didn't show me what I was looking for. Nope. Nada.

I've been a blogger since 2003 and none of my December posts throughout the years have intentionally, significantly core-related on Christmas. Could I have forgotten? It's about time I put in a very good one for my memory bank!

Today's December 1st and this means the world has 24 more days of saving, celebrating, acknowledging or - in some parts - ignoring, hating or forgetting Christmas.

I wanted to do a Christmas trivia but, thankfully, I've been given something much better. Beyond all the merry-making facts and figures, let's take a walk into the inner corners of our hearts, watch this video and ask ourselves: "Have I forgotten Christmas?"

Forgotten Christmas is the yearly Christmas campaign of Gospel for Asia. It aims to bring the focus of this worldwide holiday back to Jesus Christ, the Author of love, the Savior of mankind.

Consider sharing Christ's love, get involved and have a merrier, more meaningful Christmas this year!

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