What I Write About When I Write About Writing


I am a newbie (wannabe!) professional writer.

I want to level-up my writing skills and get hired to write. I don't expect the journey to be easy but I believe I am ready. I am ready for constructive criticism. I am ready to 'sound' more professional yet still personal. I am ready to write on a deadline. And, by golly, am I sooo ready to GET PAID for my writings!

I am into running and though I am far from being a novelist, this post is inspired by my current-read: Haruki Murakami's "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running". I like Mr. Murakami's guarded openness and his humility. He gives just enough details to engage the reader. He does not slap you with "I am THE expert" but I believe his relate-able memoir is a handy resource for those of us who have not just goals but struggles.

I think goals are nothing if there aren't any struggles. Struggles are good. They keep me in tune with reality. They push me to keep going. They fuel my passion. I think my goal to venture into professional writing is spurred by all the struggles - declined applications - I've received so far.

Before I slept last night, I sent out another application for a writing job. When I checked this morning, a red circled "1" in my inbox told me I had one message. I read the message twice. I am being considered for the application. Yes!

So now I am off to do my research.

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