The Pursuit of Holiness

Here's a summary of our small group's key learnings from the book by Jerry Bridges .

Holiness is the BIRTHRIGHT of the children of God and is the PERFECTION of all of their Heavenly Father's attributes. Holiness, then, is not an option but a NECESSITY for every follower of Christ. Though God has made provisions through Christ, it is a child of God's RESPONSIBILITY to let his/her heart be held captive by the HOLY SPIRIT - for holiness is not a matter or self-victory but of OBEDIENCE unto the expressed will of God; obedience that is built upon CONVICTION and COMMITMENT to DISCIPLINE one's body not as his/her own but as God's TEMPLE.As a child of God exercises due DILIGENCE to bear over the desires that influence his/her will, the Christian, by God's grace, forms the HABIT of daily, moment by moment dependence upon and cooperation with the HOLY SPIRIT. By FAITH, a child of God is able to draw CONFIDENCE from the Word of God - the BIBLE. Every DECISION that a child of God makes to follow God's Word instead of the world, brings him/her onto PROGRESS in the pursuit of holiness, giving him/her an abundance of joy that only a lifestyle of obedience to God can give.It is only by the grace of God, by faith, that we, the LOVELYs are called children of God. We cannot boast of anything because God's gift of salvation unto us - and for everyone who believes - is free. Individually, we have made a decision to have JESUS CHRIST as our Savior and LORD. We meet every Tuesday nights to know about God, His design, His plan, for His children. Our goal is not just to know 'about' God but to know Him personally thru the Bible, prayer and thru one another's lives. We are not perfect, not yet, but as we have experienced God's love personally, we endeavor to live out and share that love, based on His Word, and pursue a holy life because He who has called us is holy. Life, after all, is not about us but all about God because only in God can we live, and move and have our being and He alone deserves all the glory, honor and praise!! :')) 

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