Warrior Princess: Engaged


"The bottom line is, you are going to have to fight for your heart." - John Eldredge, 'Waking the Dead'

This may sound like wishful thinking to some but in all sanity, honesty and boldness I say this: More than a princess, I am a warrior. I am not one who will sit around helplessly and let others fight battles for me.

I was dubbed 'princess' by the wonderful guy I am in a relationship with for 14 months and 27 days now. We're prayparing for our wedding on the last quarter of 2012. The nickname reminds me of who I really am: a child of the King of Kings. The endearment started way before we were even together romantically and I, in turn, call him 'souldier' -- my soul's guardian, soldier of Christ. In humor I refer to him as 'my knight-in-being-polished armor.' There were no fireworks when I first saw him, I even told God, "Lord, 'wag naman siya ha." (Lord, not him please) because he's not my type. But we were sort of put together to work in one team as Sunday School teachers for preschoolers and we had a pretty friendly working relationship.

As God is a God who makes the impossible possible, I've been friends with 'souldier' for more than two years now -- even out of Sunday School.

The Armor of God (Ephesians 6:14-18)
Being a princess is a privilege I enjoy but I delight more in seeing myself as a warrior. I don't go down without a fight. I protect the ones I love and I stand up for what is right even when it may seem unpopular. I am not out to please people. I am here to please my Commanding Officer -- whatever it takes. Yet the weapons I fight with are "not of this world." Forgive me if this will sound like gibberish but one thing I firmly believe in as a follower of Christ is that we are constantly at war.

Most Christians would say that the battle has been won by Christ. True. But when Jesus said "It is finished," I believe He actually referred to the 'death penalty'. "For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 6:23). The entire human race is made up of sinners -- "For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23) and we all die sooner or later. The difference lies only on where we end up afterwards. Faith makes up for that difference and the journey towards that "end" is, for me, the battleground.

Everyday is a battle. I only have one enemy, Satan, and he is cunning enough to know that my emotions are my waterloo. This enemy knows that I have an ongoing bout with anger management and when he catches me off-guard, I fall prey to giving full vent to whatever irks me.

No biggie though, because my God is bigger and He knows about my very problem. By His grace, He humbles me to realize my own mistakes, repent of them and ask for forgiveness from the people I hurt with my 'adverse reactions.' He teaches me practical ways on how I could control my responses and He disciplines me so I will learn to take responsibility for my choices.

Getting angry is a choice. Obeying God is a choice. Being yielded to God's Spirit is a choice. Accepting Jesus as personal Lord and Savior is a choice. And choosing Jesus is the BEST CHOICE any person can ever make in this lifetime. Because choosing Jesus is actually choosing Life.

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