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OK. So I'm partly babysitting and partly blogging. Thank God for mothers-in-law, I am not 'obliged' to give my undivided attention to Seth at this moment. Nope, not my mother-in-law, but my sister's. Seth is my nephew.

Before posting this, I was Twitter-ing. I've checked CCF-Eastwood's profile but found out it wasn't updated. Thank God for weblinks, I was reminded of Multiply. So, I followed the link, found the updates I was looking for and now, I'm here.

For the benefit of those who don't know it (as if it's worth knowing, hehehe), I'm currently needing SOME WORK so i can have the kind of balance that is worthy of a good testimony. A few days ago, I came up with the following formulae:

lotsa work + no prayer = meaning-less. lotsa prayers + no work = worry-less. lotsa prayers + some work = balance.

It was birthed by an exchange of DMs (direct messages) with my blood and soul sister, Maii. She was reminding me of how I should be brave and that I have to accompany my prayers with efforts of looking for work. In turn, I reminded her of how all effort without prayers can result to nothing as well.

I've been waiting it out on God for four months now (since I submitted my resignation) and He hasn't given me any specific instructions yet. I know He knows that I need SOME WORK and yesterday, He sent me to - not surprisingly - a call center. I signed in for interview around 11am and left the building around 8pm with neither a yes nor a no. I was told something along the lines of "Wait until Monday.." I'm thinking it could be as good as a "No" since the interviewer said "I don't want to give false hopes.." But, well, only God knows.

What's interesting about my day there is the fact that the interviewer, towards the end of the interview, shared: "Actually, I am a born again Christian, by faith.." and that he didn't believe in statues but "have to" lead their family in praying the rosary, his parents being Roman Catholics. I knew something was heavy in his heart so as I left the interview room, I assured him with "God knows your heart, sir."

When I left the office, I was talking to Daddy God saying, "Well, Lord, if I don't get to work in that company, I guess I've accomplished the mission You had for me today, right?"

I stayed in the convenience store of the same building, reading "Under Cover" while waiting for the rain to stop.I didn't ask Daddy God to stop the rain but just enjoyed reading. A few minutes later, a guy asked me, "Kamusta po?" It was the applicant to whom I said "God bless you" as I left the testing room hours earlier. He was the last in the room.

The guy was a little worried about his application, being asked to go back this Friday for his final interview. He showed me a piece of paper which had a map and a string of numbers written at the back. He complained about how small the salary is in that company as compared to others in the same industry. I encouraged him by reminding him that at least he still have two days to reconsider his application or entertain other opportunities which may pop up before Friday comes. I asked him about the numbers at the back of the paper and he said that it's the number of the person who interviewed him. It turned out, we were interviewed by the same person.

To make the long story short, I copied the number and sent out an invitation for Sunday worship services to CCF-Eastwood and CCF-St. Francis:

"Want to experience a different kind of Sunday? You are invited! CCF Eastwood.. 9am, @ the 5th flr of the new mall. Or, if you're nearer to megamall, CCF Ortigas, 5th flr of St. Francis Square.. 8am, 10am, 12nn, 3pm & 6pm. Come with your family & friends & be refreshed! :)"

I didn't bother to put in my name because I wasn't expecting a reply. By faith, I just know, that as the Spirit leads, the person will respond in God's perfect time, to an invitation by Jesus Himself.

I exhort my brothers and sisters in the faith, open your eyes and always be ready to make a stand for Jesus. Be on the lookout for "openings" because you never know whom Jesus will send your way to minister to. Listen to the Spirit's prodding and obey His leading. Do not be afraid to speak up, because He will be the one to put in your lips the message that He would like the other person to know.

As I was pondering on what transpired during the interview, I was wondering why I haven't said "Do it for God," instead of "God knows your heart." Then, He reminded me, he will not understand it yet.

Yeah, but by faith, I know, a seed has been planted. Mission accomplished.

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