can't fight the moonlight..


bottomline? quit fighting it all by yourself.

if you've watched "Coyote Ugly," perhaps you'll agree with me that one of the turning points in the movie was when the lead character played her musical instrument and started singing on a very 'private space': on the rooftop, of all places.

this post is not about the movie, nope. nor is this about rooftops or moonlights or fighting.

wala lang.

seriously, really.. i had a very enlightening and fulfilling day today! i attended worship service in ccf eastwood and i was uber-blessed by the message aptly titled "You Complete Me." it cut through the heart of emo-neurotic-relational me, gosh, and i give my two thumbs up for it (if i had an extra, i would raise it up as well.) very relevant, very timely, thank You, JESUS!

as if the message wasn't enough, God gave me a bonus glimpse on mr. u-s-h-e-r.. hey, hey, don't judge me by my cover, i'm not a book.. i saw his shadow, haha, just for a few seconds (maybe those were 3 seconds.. or 5.. ok, 10 seconds.). i don't know what it's called but i get a sort of a 'vibe' whenever he's in the vicinity, or has just arrived. kinda creepy. no, i'm NOT stalking him: i got there first! and God knows i was there not because of the guy.

wait, there's more..

i also had the privilege to be with a long-lost friend, tina.. it was really great to be with her again and exchange not just pleasantries but accountabilities.. tina's quite a shy lady (like yours truly, to some extent) and i'm really honored to be the one listening to her as she shared tidbits of her life with me. i look forward to next Sunday.. and the next... and the next.. 

down side to this day is the fact that it's my one and only bunso's (youngest sibling) last Sunday here in the country but i wasn't able to share worship time with her in ccf st. francis.. we had a miscommunication of some sort.. but praise God for our mom, we were able to settle our issues before the enemy gained the upperhand.

at 6pm i found myself inside ccf st. francis, nonetheless, but with my other sister's mother-in-law. talk about a day of "ushering.." hehe.. God, you really have a nice way of letting me do things..first, tina.. then, tita mel.. I know You didn't coerce me or anything, You just let them happen.. and for that I just love You more..

can't fight the moonlight. quite a catchy phrase. to me it actually means this: the inevitable inevitably will happen when it is God's will.

and so, i wait. but i'm not sitting on the laurels of my salvation.

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