yes, he did! he found me!

he came to me when i least expected it. my mind was filled with important tasks and i wasn't even a bit 'ready' to meet him that pre-ordained day! but if he really is the one, i guess he probably didn't mind that i wasn't wearing any make-up, i haven't combed my hair (thank God for the scoongee) or that I went pale upon seeing him. haha.

would he remember the face that goes with the name? or would "ancore!" be just another nameless face in a crowd? only God knows.

realistically speaking, i would rather not 'dwell' on the quilig factor of that very first 'close' encounter with him. he could be in love with someone else and i have no exact way of knowing so i better get a hold of my emo moments before they get a hold of me.

God's will is "good, pleasing and perfect" and He is at work. my job is to be honest with Him in anything and everything and to delight myself in Him first and foremost.

"GOD IS MY HELPER." Psalm 54:4

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