another "talk to the hand" episode..

I have a space in myLot. I get some cents - literally - whenever I post in the discussion boards or post a topic for discussion. The amount I earn isn't sizable and I haven't had any payouts yet. I lost all my $$ when my account was inactive for a year but it's actually good that the system hasn't deleted my account.

I've re-"united" with myLot a couple of days ago and this afternoon, I stumbled upon a post of a gay who has just recently "come out." I got excited and added my comment to his post. In good faith, I directed him to my blog entry entitled "Queer Eye for the Straight...Gay?" which essays my visit to the "Taking the Straight Journey" retreat.

Guess what? I was met with opposition. I wanted to send him a message but since myLot doesn't allow messaging in between "strangers" (you have to be friends first), I wasn't able to send him my apology. I'm thinking of posting another comment but I'm afraid that it would trigger a post-flood of sorts. The last thing I'd want to happen is make some enemies in the site. I'm thinking of sending him a friend invite instead, as a conciliatory step. If he doesn't accept it, I won't take it personally. Anyway, I think it's not really me he's rejecting but the message, right?

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