"Without God life has no purpose; without purpose life has no meaning.." -- Purpose-Driven Life
until we fully understand what those words mean, until we take them to heart and BY FAITH live each day of our lives on complete dependence and humble obedience to GOD'S WILL for our lives, NOTHING will ever make sense.

As you read this, my friend, God is calling you to make a decision: Will you live the rest of your earthly life for GOD or for yourself - your goals, your purpose, your dreams? Will you trust Him to give you direction in your life? Will you sincerely ask Him to reveal His will for your life and give you the grace to obey it? Will you give your relationship with GOD the FIRST, UTMOST PRIORITY? Will you PUT YOUR ENTIRE FAITH not on people, not on money, not on security, but on GOD's PROMISES?

I judge not because I have learned that there is a TIME LINE for each and every one of us and GOD speaks PERSONALLY to us - individually - when we choose to SUBMIT to His authority and control over our lives.

I've made a decision to, once and for all, stop bargaining with God. it took me four years to understand, to experience how REAL God is and His love for me is, how KNOWABLE He is and how PERSONAL He works in the lives of those who CHOOSE to follow HIM and yield to HIS WILL -- even when it means leaving my comfort zone.

Only two ways, my friends: God's way, or your way.

It is in choosing God's way that i've found my PEACE... and I sing...
I'VE TRADED ALL my sorrows,I'VE TRADED ALL my shame,I'VE LAID them ALL downfor the JOY of the LORD. I'VE TRADED ALL my sickness,I'VE TRADED ALL my pain,I'VE LAID them ALL downfor the JOY of the LORD. because... FOREVER GOD is faithful,FOREVER GOD is strong,FOREVER GOD is with us!!

GOD ALONE is GREAT, GOD ALONE is WORTHY of ALL the glory, honor and praise!
With GOD as my Father, JESUS as my backer, the HOLY SPIRIT as my ally and LOVE as my cause, how else can i possibly go wrong?


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