Somebody help me.!


What do you do when all else fails?

Do you pound your head in disbelief? How about crash the monitor for all it's worth?

I've been working on a 'project' for three days, I lost sleep over it, paid internet money for it, and when I was done with it just a few minutes ago, of course I saved and re-saved it only to find out: THE FILE WAS CORRUPTED.

Nothing was left of it except all those square and Chinese-looking characters and some text which didn't actually mean anything because they were all fragmented.

Interestingly, the intelligible statement left was this: "Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning."

Ok, so there's a purpose and a meaning to everything that happens, nothing is arbitrary and everything is for God's glory.

So what is God teaching me with what I just have lost?


Nobody can help me here. I actually thought I was in one of the "safest" places to be, but no, nothing -- nowhere-- is safe. I've just learned that the only safe -- the safest -- place to be is UP THERE, with God in Heaven.

My life here? Nothing.

My job here? Nothing.

Nothing really matters unless it is ALL meant for God, focused on God, directed by God.

I've prayed about that project, I even dedicated it to Him. But that was ALL it was meant to be: written in His pages, not mine nor in the pages of my workmates' lives. God has something better to do, and that one thing that "I" have finished, He wanted it to remain just like that.

Now, whether or not He'll give me another time in the near future to re-start the project is all up to Him.

Interestingly (yet again), instead of putting "THE END" on the last page of the 7-paged worksheet, I wrote "the BEGINNING."

Nobody can help me out of this feeling of helplessness and "wasted energy." Only God can. And He helps those who help themselves.

So! I better get going. Shower, then off to work I go.

33 days.. I'm out of here, for the BEST that is yet to come.

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