"Go forth and multiply..."

When God said those words, He meant only good. If I'm not mistaken, those were His words to Noah and his family after the great flood. (Genesis 9:1,7) I remember a pastor saying that drunkards, adulterers, or the plainly irresponsible people shouldn't take those words as heeding God's commands when they 'sow' their seeds by having multiple partners. That is just so absurd and downright blasphemous, right?

The Multiply site and all other online social networks are tools made by humans for the purpose of interaction and it is such a pity when some people misuse or abuse these 'privileges,' by engaging in misleading debates, sinful indulgences or illicit affairs. At some point in time, I too, have been guilty of 'misusing' my privileges. But God's graciousness and loving mercy has made me understand what it truly means to mingle and to share His love and goodness to everybody. It brings joy to my heart knowing that there are sites like this - no matter how virtual - that bridge people with common beliefs and values together.

God has meant something good for everyone of us and I believe that if He has so planned for me to get married, then I will. Otherwise, I shall be single forever and dedicate my life in full service to Him. Whatever the case may be, I must say that I am just enjoying this season of singleness to the fullest, investing my time and resources in activities that make my life worthwhile; in nurturing relationships that help me strengthen and grow in my faith; and in bringing people to experience God's love through the way I go through life each day.

I invite all singles out there who are in the quest for the seemingly elusive 'perfect match,' to check out our CCF Singles group here in Multiply and join us in our 'purposeful waiting' as we "go forth and multiply" the number of single people who believe in God's wisdom and trust His perfect timing for everything.

"If it's meant to be, it can only be good." Natasha Bedingfield

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