out of reach and barely breathing...


keeping busy everyday, i know i will be ok
but i am barely breathing
and i can't find the air
i don't know what i'm getting
imagining you care

out of reach, so far
i never had your heart
but i'm thinking it over anyway
there's a life out there for me...

the cd's jumping. well, the one that's in my head, actually. it's a mixed cd -- mixed, patched, dazed and confused. nauseous and noxious. hehe.

so much for two of my favorite songs. hmm.

and so much for day 5 of my casino sabbatical. it feels good to be a bum and not "worry" about anything except food (diet?!), books and the stuff i love. if i don't go out, i don't have to spend on anything. and if i don't spend on anything, i save up a lot of money.

not quite.

being on vacation sounds really good once in a while but if it's going to be a way of life for me, i don't think i'll be able to handle it inasmuch as my mother cannot handle it. nahh, not at this point in time. i still need some more savings to afford to bum it out and not worry about my mother -- or let her worry about moi.

financial resources aside though, i think that if you're really just a bum doing nothing except eat and sleep, geewhiz, you're wasting a lot of what you've been given. this reminds me of the parable of the talents in Matthew. the servant who was given 1 talent buried it underground so that when his master returned, he'll be able to give it back. the other two men, however, doubled up what they've been given. when the master returned, he praised the two servants and gave them ample bonus while he gave nothing to the first one, called him lazy and casted him out.

the moral of the story? we have to make good -- and full -- use of what we've been given, be it time, money, skills and whatever. we are not to slug it out in just one corner while pretending to be busy. we are not to shy away from areas where we can hone our abilities and be of service and bring glory to His name. preachy, preachy. but i think the point is clear.

so even if i'm barely breathing because someone's been kinda out of reach for a week, i'm living my life the way i should, making the most out of the only resource i have in abundance these days: time.

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