So it's June 1st, another month has started and we are halfway through the year. Time flies. And flies... and flies.

I had a great impromptu month-ender last night with my bestfriend of 13 years, Maribel, whom I fondly call 'Momybelle.' We attended AMCI's orientation to its BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course) for 2006 and I reserved a slot. Barbara, our college schoolmate (and my org-mate in Teatro Tomasino) invited me and I am thankful for the timing. I've been praying for an activity, an event like that, which will open my door to the mountains and I am just excited about the challenges that I will have to face -- and endure.

Initially, after the meeting, I wanted to watch Sitti at Tavern in Greenbelt3 (for the 2nd time, the 1st being last May17) but the venue was packed. So Mommy and I ended up with two large lemonades bought at Just Beached and chatted our way while waiting for the 11:30 screening of 'Failure to Launch.' The 'waiting,' wasn't really on purpose. It just 'happened' and again, the timing was just perfect.

It's really a wonder how God weaves our lives and our schedules together. I can see that although we went on different roads last night, Mommy and I are in the same Path. I can see that although I am being 'punished' for my excessive tardiness last December 2005, I've been productive and saw a lot of doors being opened for me, i.e., the ministry of True Love Waits, mountaineering and fitness, my discipleship with Eci, and Youth Jam. The BMC is during Wednesdays and Sundays so instead of attending worship service on Sundays, I'll be attending Youth Jam on Saturdays.

I'll be spending my Thursdays (my dayoff), 5pm everytime, with Eci for our discipleship. Afterwards, at 7pm, is cell group meeting with Ate Ofel. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays will be the flexible days and I see that they will be for TLW.

God is molding me and I can see, I know, that He is fixing my schedule for me. I am having my hands full with activities and I can't see any other way with which I'll learn more about time management than being really busy with worthwhile activities. Mm-hmm.

So. TIME. It isn't in our hands but we can definitely do something about it to make it more productive: FOCUS on Him. And I think that's just the BEST first step we need to breeze through a hectic schedule.

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