They say time won't wait for you. TRUE. But you can wait for the time. And how!

You could just relax and do anything, practically anything just so you won't have to wrestl;e with the 'boredom' that comes with it. Or the idleness, the good-for-nothingness of the moment, of the waiting exercise.

So if you want to make waiting worthwhile, you indulge yourself, your thoughts, in something which has meaning, in something good like THIS.

But I don't suppose anything really worthwhile has come out yet.

All I do is write down whatever with this bluepoint pen.

Book reviews. Make that "ponderings."

"Enjoy Life" by William Girao. Reflections on the writer's reflections on the reflections of Koheleth, writer of Ecclesiastes.

Then there's David Stoop's "You Are What You Think."

I know God bestowed on me, granted me, the talent for words, more effectively in writing than in speaking, I guess.

I don't really understand where God is leading me. He knows my heart and I desire to serve Him with all of me, with all that I have, I had and will be having.

Writing is calling me.

And so is music.

And I intend to OBEY.

(1255pm,030506 while waiting for my table assignment.)

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