nth time.


During downtime at work, I busied myself with doodling "goodbye," for countless times, akin to what our teachers require of us in detention back in highschool when we violate a school rule or do something definitely out of the norm.

I'm prone to putting my foot into my mouth because I tend to talk too much sometimes -- especially when I FEEL strongly about something. Low EQ, I might say. January 2006 came with a goal in mind and its just a few days short of closing and I flunked, flunked, flunked, the test of FINALITY. You see, I've made this vow to, well, say "goodbye" to Jag as soon as I've given him the gift (Joshua Harris' "Not Even A Hint), being confident that it is the most that I can do to help open up the gates of faith, repentance, forgiveness and SALVATION to such a lucky guy.

But darn. I just can't seem to fully leave it at that.

However, I must say that God is moving me, making me dance to a rhythm the way He wants me to. And just this afternoon, I got His message.

With that, well, I just have to be happy!

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