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CORE-RELATE! OK, so Jenkin's 7 weeks pregnant by Roland. And they're thinking of getting married. For practicality's sake, it would be best if they settle with a civil wedding first then get married in church after her delivery. But then again, it will be more practical if they push with all the plans now if they want a real wedding.

Getting married gives me the jitters. I can sense that Jen needs help but I cannot volunteer myself to help although I know I may be able to do something. At my age, I haven't attended any real weddings yet (something always comes up on the day of the wedding I'm invited to) and I myself am not much into dreaming my own wedding (except for, well, having it close to nature...)

Real wedding here is on the context of a church wedding ceremony. If the budget is limited, some couples opt for a civil wedding with the presence of closest relatives and a few sponsors and sometimes just the couple themselves. If a rush real church wedding is what the couple wants, and there is a budgetary constraint, that is where improvisation should step in.

The couple should assess the aspects where their closest relatives and friends could lend a hand. It is best to "flaunt" the truth that they need help in order for them to get the kind of help they really need. This will save them time and energy, not to mention, less stress.

I'm thinking of a little twist in the wedding vows, to include the little creature in Jen's womb so that the baby, alongside their marriage, will already be blessed. I'm thinking of a venue where the wedding ceremony and the reception can take place. I'm thinking of hand-made souvenirs and invitations crafted by the tropa. I'm thinking of going to Recto/Divisoria one of these days to canvass for supplies... hmm...

Amidst all the hoolaballoo... I know, this too, shall pass. So for now, I'm just praying for things to work out fine for them and between them, in God's loving grace. And after the wedding, 'til death do them part.

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