CORE-RELATE! When you're 27 and you've just been emancipated from your parents, i.e., LIVING ALONE for the FIRST TIME IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, what do you expect others to think of you?
Me? Nothing. Well, perhaps aside from questions which have to do something with getting married soon or getting over a heartbreak or whatever, I couldn't think of anything else. Maybe it's because I don't just really care too much about what other people think. I just do the things that I feel like doing and do the things I think I should be doing.
My being alone NOW is a matter of choice. I am here on purpose. Others find it rather hard to believe when I tell them my reasons but, heck, that's just about it. I took it upon myself to make it my "duty" as firstborn to help my parents secure my two younger sisters' future. After all, there's only three of us...

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